Shelby Fero. 

i’ve had this saved as a draft for like 3 months just with the words “ok that’s me” written underneath

Shelby wrote an article for us years ago and we all liked it. And she wrote more, and we loved that too. And we loved her in our Writer’s Workshop, even when she wasn’t pitching, because she has a powerful and fun presence.

It’s been amazing to watch her do all of that Shelby shit you’ve all seen her do. Her transition from “hardworking person pitching articles for Cracked” to “up-and-coming-young-Twitter-person” to “[X] Funny Women You Should Watch Out For” to “Interesting and Positive Comedic Force-of-Nature” to “Comedian [a designation ignoring her age, gender, and success on Twitter]” is the most exciting thing that has ever happened at Cracked for me, personally.

Oh my.

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